New Jersey Corporate Kit

New Jersey corporate kitThe New Jersey Corporate Kit we sell contains:

  • Corporate Seal
  • Corporate book
  • Slip Box
  • Checklist
  • Instructions
  • Work Sheets
  • 8 Tab Dividers
  • Stock Certificates Transfer Ledger
  • Corporate Minutes Book & Bylaws
  • 21 Certificates
  • Padded Binder
  • Slip Box
  • Typewriter spaced
  • Written Statement to Organize Corporations in Lieu of Minutes
  • Waiver of Notice and Minutes of Annual Meeting of Directors
  • Medical Expense Plan; Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Death Benefit Plan
  • Buy-Sell Agreement
  • S Corporation, formerly
    Sub S Plan; IRC Section 248 Election Plan
  • Voting Trust
  • Minutes of Special Shareholders’ Meeting
  • Stock Subscription
  • Executed Corporate Stock Subscription
  • Assignment of Subscription
  • Corporate Stock Purchases
  • Resolution Granting Power of Attorney
  • Special Corporate Power of Attorney
  • Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders; Proxy
  • Notice of Organizational Meeting of Incorporators
  • Consent of Incorporators to Election of Initial Directors
  • Director(s) Resignation forms
  • Election of Corporate Directors

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Note: If you have or are registering an LLC (Limited Liability Company) there is a separate LLC kit for that here.